Many readers in the UK have reported difficulty finding good quality brands for the supplements discussed in the book. In some cases, it is because the supplements are not available over the counter in the U.K (i.e. DHEA and melatonin). I’ll provide some advice and options for these below, along with recommended brands for the other types of supplements that are more readily available.

*Remember that not all supplements are right for all situations- see the detailed discussion of each supplement in the book, It Starts with the Egg (2nd Edition).

The UK Supplement
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international supplements


brands  (international)


See  How to Choose a Prenatal

multivitamins with natural folate /methylfolate

Instead of one of the prenatals above, you can take a regular multivitamin and add on methylfolate to reach at least 800mcg 


CoQ10/ Ubiquinol

Alpha-lipoic acid

Vitamin E

Vitamin C



  • Melatonin is not available without prescription in the UK. 
  • Many readers in the UK have reported success ordering online from  iHerb or Biovea.


  • DHEA is a hormone precursor, so it is sold by prescription in the U.K. 
  • It  can also be purchased online from various stores. (e.g. here or Biovea). Life Extension is a good brand.
  • As discussed in the book, it is important to test your DHEA-S and testosterone levels before and while supplementing with DHEA, to ensure you are taking the dose needed to keep your levels at the top of the normal range for young women.


If your prenatal or multivitamin does not contain enough  

personalize your supplement plan

Comprehensive guidance to help you understand which supplements are right for you 

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  • Which lab tests you need and how the results inform your supplement plan. 
  • Which supplements to avoid with thyroid conditions and other hormonal imbalances.
  • How to determine if DHEA is likely to help you. 
  • Which supplements to stop when you begin IVF or become pregnant. 

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