Science-backed strategies to help you get pregnant sooner, improve your odds in IVF, and prevent miscarriage.  

Science-backed strategies to help you get pregnant sooner, improve your odds in IVF, and help prevent miscarriage.  

it starts with the egg

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My Philosophy

From passive to proactive 

One of the most difficult aspects of infertility and miscarriage is feeling powerless. My goal is to help you become informed and proactive, so you can know you are doing everything possible to improve your chances.   

Look to the science and put it into action

The latest science shows that it is possible to improve egg quality and ovarian function — by correcting hormone and nutrient deficiencies, balancing blood sugar, reducing inflammation, adding supplements to support energy production in developing eggs, and avoiding certain common toxins. We just have to act on the latest science instead of accepting the status quo.  

Now is the time 

On average, it takes more than ten years for scientific discoveries to become part of standard medical practice. If you're trying to get pregnant today, you don't have time to wait for standard practice to catch up. You need to know what the latest research says and how to apply it.

The number one comment I hear from readers is that they wish they had found the book sooner. You're here now, so let's dive in.   

It Starts with the Egg  revolutionized the way the fertility community viewed supplements and the impact of environmental toxins on reproductive health.


Through summarizing evidence-based research, she took the guesswork out of recommendations. I’m thrilled to have a new edition to recommend to my patients.”

You don't have to do it alone.

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This book is for you if...

You have "unexplained" infertility

All too often, unexplained infertility is caused by poor egg or sperm quality,  which you have the power to change.  

You are freezing your eggs 

Optimizing egg quality can not only increase the potential of every egg to lead to a healthy embryo, it can increase the number available to freeze, potentially saving the cost of additional cycles.   

You have endometriosis

Endometriosis impacts fertility in multiple ways and often necessitates IVF.   The book includes guidance and supplement recommendations specifically tailored to  endometriosis.  

You are trying naturally   

You are preparing for ivf

At every stage of the IVF process, egg quality and ovarian function will have a enormous impact on your chance of success.   By optimizing egg quality, you are more likely to get pregnant and require fewer rounds of treatment.  

You have pcos 

PCOS can have a severe impact on  ovarian function and egg quality.  Addressing the hormonal imbalances and inflammation that underlie PCOS can make a world of difference and the book includes supplement plan tailored specifically to PCOS. 

You have experienced pregnancy loss

The single most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormalities that originate in the egg.  Studies show these  abnormalities are not inevitable.  Focusing on egg quality can can help to change the odds. 

Even without fertility issues, how long it takes you to get pregnant will be determined by the health of your eggs.  Optimizing egg quality will help you get pregnant sooner and having a healthy pregnancy.   

Your have male factor infertility

When sperm quality is an issue, it can be even more important to optimize egg quality, since good quality eggs can often repair damage in sperm.  The book also includes a chapter on evidence-based strategies to improve sperm quality.  

 "There is no question in my mind that this book helped me get pregnant."

- Maren T.


"Easy to read and fact-based information." 

 I got really tired really quick of fertility tips that seemed pulled out of a hat - this book was the complete opposite of that. It is easy to read but contains research based information and had a lot of new ideas on things that I could try to increase fertility by increasing the quality of my eggs.

it works!

Natasha G.

"IVF Game-changer.

I was told by my reproductive endocrinologist at 41 that I “could try” an egg collection round, but that I should start to plan on using donor eggs given my age, AMH, etc. I started to eat a lower carb diet, cut out caffeine, cut out alcohol, and started this intense supplements regimen. In 6 weeks my numbers improved by double!!   ...I got 19 eggs resulting in 6 day 5/6 embryos at 41 years old!   

I fully credit this book with greatly improving my egg, and subsequently embryo, quality and success.




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    the audio version

    Prefer to listen ? 
    Get the audiobook. 

    It Starts with the Egg is now on Audible.

    get the audiobook

    take back control

    You are your own best advocate ...

    No one else will ever be as invested in this process as you are.  That's why it is so important to arm yourself with the right knowledge, so you can go from a passive participant to informed and empowered.   Get your copy of the book and learn what you can do to improve the odds.