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To get pregnant naturally, improve your odds in IVF, and help prevent miscarriage...

It Starts with the Egg.  

Find out why egg quality is so critical and how you can improve it with my clear, step-by-step guidance.


  I know what it's like to feel hopeless and overwhelmed by fertility challenges.   Instead of determining your future, you are left with endless waiting, disappointment, and uncertainty.    But I also know there's a way through:  by learning what you can do to improve the odds,  you can go from powerless to informed and proactive.   

A vast body of research shows that egg quality and fertility is not completely out of hands, we just need to look to the latest science and put it into action. 

My  goal is to provide you with the knowledge to take back control.

Compare your lab results to the optimal values for fertility .

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    To make sure you have all the guidance you need, I created a new app with a video course and PDF summaries to help you get started quickly,  a  Q & A library, regular research updates, and private community discussion groups.   I'll be on hand in the discussion groups, ready to answer any questions you may have. 

    With a background in molecular biology, I analyzed the science and translated vast amounts of data into actionable, straightforward plans that have helped thousands of women get pregnant and have shaped the supplement advice of top fertility clinics.  

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