A Community that stays with you for the next stage.

Go beyond the book.

Get extra resources, video lessons, PDF summaries,  private discussion groups, and a Q& A library– all in one place.   

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The scientific research on fertility and pregnancy topics is constantly evolving and there are always new findings I want to share.  

As a member, you’ll get regular updates on all the latest research, including extra topics not covered in the book.

Everything in One Place  

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A Better Community Platform

A Better
Community Platform

Use an anonymous name and profile photo. Your privacy and anonymity is always protected.

Avoid FB tracking and advertising.

Join specific subgroups based on your interests and the challenges you’re facing, so you see more relevant posts.   

Quickly find relevant posts using advanced search functions.

One of the benefits of using ISWTE to guide your fertility plan is the extraordinary community that has formed around the book. This community is made up of the most knowledgeable and proactive fertility warriors—those who value evidence-based information and are always willing to share what they’ve learned along the way. 

The best fertility community deserves the best online home—so that’s what I set out to create. 

Accessible through either a web browser or the brand new app, the new platform solves many of the shortcomings and frustrations of a Facebook group, allowing you to:

Get a personalized feed on the topics relevant to you. 

Choose whether to see success stories and pregnancy announcements. They will be posted in a specific space you can follow or browse, or choose not to see at all. 

See fewer repeat questions. With downloadable PDF resources and an organized Q & A  library, everyone will be able to quickly find answers without posting the same questions.  


A Community that stays with you for the next stage.

Your membership also includes access to pregnancy and baby-care groups and resources— so you’ll be able to discuss pregnancy issues with those who've been with you through your fertility journey. 

You’ll also have access to a library of questions and answers on common pregnancy and baby care topics, along with regular research updates from me.  

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Discussion groups

tailored to specific situations and interests.


Focused on implementing the strategies in the book. 

A detailed Q &A Library

organized by topic and continuously updated and expanded. 

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Regular updates

On the latest studies  and answers to your questions

Bullet point summaries

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downloadable guides

PDF guides and checklists for easy reference


"I've found this community and book to be such helpful resources.

We implemented ISWTE recommendations on vitamins, household items and lifestyle changes. I truly believe these shifts made a huge impact for us. I've found this community and book to be such helpful resources and have been continuously inspired and lifted by so many others experiencing losses or infertility.

it works!


"I 100% believe that the success was due to the book and this group.

I went through 2 terrible rounds of IVF, I found the ISWTE group (and of course the book), implemented all the changes and recommendations for over 3 months (so did my partner). The first 2 embryos we transferred resulted in boy/girl twins (nearly 6 months old now)! I 100% believe that the success was due to the book and this group and wanted to 1) thank you Rebecca Fett and all the amazing people in this group but also 2) give you all some inspiration to keep going!