Here you’ll find my top recommendations for fertility-friendly skincare, makeup, haircare, cleaning supplies, and kitchenware. These are the products I use myself and the products recommended most often by those in the ISWTE community.

Non-Toxic and
Fertility-Friendly Products

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When trying to conceive, the most important ingredients to watch out for in skincare products are fragrance, and parabens. My current daily routine is Vanicream’s Gentle Facial Cleanser and Squalene Omega repair cream by Biossance. Biossance is on the expensive side, but I find that one jar lasts a long time and with this combination I don’t need any other skin care products. My top choice for an inexpensive moisturizer is Vanicream’s Daily Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin.  For extra dry skin, you can also use pure natural oils, including 100% jojoba oil, argan oil, and squalene.


recommended brands include:

The main ingredients to look for in hair care products are fragrance and phthalates. It is best to look for a brand that specifically claims to be phthalate free. I have used Honest Shampoo and Conditioner for ten years and love their products. 

Hair Care

Recommended brands include:

Many people struggle to find a non-toxic deodorant that truly works. 


the best natural brands are:

Another option is to use a fragrance-free conventional deodorant: 

Replacing your makeup is generally a lower priority than skin care,  since many brands have now removed phthalates and parabens from their formulations.  But if you would like to be extra cautious and make sure your entire beauty regime is as clean as possible, look for one of the following brands. 


My favorite brands are:

For cleaning and laundry products, fragrance-free is the best place to start, but it isn’t always enough. Watch out for chemical disinfectants such as benzalkonium chloride, which has been found to compromise fertility in animal studies. Safer options include alcohol and vinegar. Fragrance free dryer sheets and fabric softener can also contain potentially harmful chemicals, so I recommend using wool dryer balls.

Cleaning and Laundry

For general cleaning and laundry, my favorite brands are:

If you have older non-stick pans and baking trays, it is best to swap them for stainless steel, cast iron, or non-stick ceramic. My favorite brands of non-stick cookware are:

For more detailed recommendations, see my guide to a non-toxic kitchen


Glass food storage containers are essential for a non-toxic kitchen. My favorite brands are:

Food Storage

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