Here you’ll find my top recommendations for kitchen items to  consider replacing when trying to conceive, to create a healthy, non-toxic kitchen. 

A Fertility-Friendly Kitchen

Non-Toxic cookware

Not all plastic in the kitchen is problematic, but we do want to avoid having hot food or liquids coming into contact with plastic. 

That likely means replacing your coffee machine, since many machines have plastic internal parts.  Look for an coffee machine with no plastic parts, or switch to French press or pour-over. 

My top recommendation is to buy an insulated stainless steel French press, which will keep your coffee warm while it brews.   

Coffee without Plastic

recommended brands include:

Some non-stick cookware is made with perfluorochemicals, such as PFAS, PFOA etc.  These chemicals have been linked to various health risks, and possibly infertility.    Replace pots and pans with stainless steel, cast iron, or healthier non-stick.  I like Caraway because the non-stick coating is safe and durable.  The pans also have very even heat distribution and a good weight.   

Non-Toxic Cookware

Favorite Cookware brands:

Even though most plastic food storage containers now claim to be BPA-free, it is better to use glass or stainless steel, especially for hot food or drinks.   There's no need to worry about plastic lids. 

Dry items, like rice and flour, can be stored in plastic containers.  The best type is polypropylene, which usually has #5 in the recycling symbol. 

Food Storage

favorite non-toxic food containers:

Although most reusable water bottles are now BPA-free,  the plastic may still leach other chemicals, so it is worth replacing your drink bottles with stainless steel.  A double-walled vacuum insulated  water bottle will also keep your drinks cool for many hours.   Good-quality brands use safe plastics for spouts and straws, so these parts are not a concern. 

Water Bottles

My favorite brands are:

Many stainless steel travel cups for hot drinks have plastic lids and spouts. While the lid is not an issue if it's not in contact with your tea or coffee, there is reason to be a little cautious about drinking hot liquids from plastic parts on a daily basis, even with a good quality brand. 

My recommendation is to use an insulated travel cup that is comfortable to use without the lid.    I love the Hydroflask All Around Tumbler, which I bought for my husband and promptly stole.  

Travel Coffee Cups

Favorite travel cup for hot drinks:

The plastic in under-counter or built-in refrigerator water filters is a not a major concern, since the water is cool and not in contact with plastic for long periods of time.   Refrigerator water filters are also surprisingly good at removing contaminants.   

But if you rely on a pitcher for filtering water, it is best to replace your pitcher with a glass version.   

Glass Water Filter Pitchers 

Non-Toxic Water Filters

Other Kitchenware


Plastic cutting boards are safe to use.  Look for a good quality board made from polypropylene.  

Cutting boards:

To avoid plastic in electric tea kettles, look for glass or stainless steel   

Tea kettles:

To avoid plastic in electric tea kettles, look for glass or stainless steel   

Pasta STrainer:

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