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Here you'll find answers to some of the most common questions I get from readers, along with more detailed guidance on choosing fertility-friendly products.     


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Below you find links to recommended brands  or  online stores that carry a wide variety of non-toxic products.  If I currently have a discount code for any store or brand, it will be shown on this page.  To be notified of any new discounts, join my email newsletter. Canada ATTITUDE United Kingdom Big Green […]


Fertility make up


Fertility-Friendly Makeup

The best place to start when replacing makeup is with foundation and lipstick. Both often contain parabens and may contain phthalates for texture. Foundation is also applied to a larger surface area than other make-up, while lipstick is a top priority given that some is inevitably ingested. Replacing eye make-up is a lower priority, so […]


sunscreen for fertility


Non-toxic Sunscreen

My Recommended Fertility-Friendly Sunscreens: Everyday/Face SPF     EWG/Think Dirty rating Price Overall rating Where to Buy Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Stick Zinc oxide 15%. Lightweight formula that applies easily and without leaving a white layer or heavy/waxy feeling. Preferred option for daily use under makeup. 2 $$ ★★★★★ US Beautycounter Dew Skin Moisturizing Coverage […]


Water filters for fertility


Water Filters for Fertility

Water Filter Buying Guide Why is a Water Filter Important?   According to the Environmental Working Group, there are over 300 pollutants in US tap water. Among these pollutants are a variety of chemicals with the potential to compromise fertility.  With a good-quality water filter you can remove the vast majority of these contaminants and instead […]


how to make coffee without plastic


Coffee and Fertility

Although the jury is still out on whether small amounts of caffeine impact  the chance of getting pregnant,  there is fairly consistent evidence of a higher risk of miscarriage with even fairly limited coffee consumption.  This seems to apply to coffee consumption before pregnancy too. How Much Caffeine is Too Much ? We know that more than […]



What is the Connection Between Autoimmunity and Infertility?

I’ve been looking into the connection between the two issues and wanted to share what I’ve learned from the scientific studies, and my own experience.


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