I'm Rebecca, and I've made it my mission to share the latest science on fertility and pregnancy health.


With a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry, I look at fertility problems differently. 

Instead of accepting the conventional wisdom about fertility and egg quality, I delve into the details at a cellular level, analyze all the scientific evidence, and then translate that research into step-by-step action.      


Understanding the science and putting it into practice unquestionably changed the course of my life, but other women were still being told that it was impossible to improve ovarian function.  So I translated a vast body of scientific evidence into actionable strategies in my book It Starts with the Egg, which has now helped thousands of women get pregnant and have healthy babies.   

As a biochemist, I couldn't accept the answer that egg quality and quantity is completely beyond our control.   If my ovarian function was failing in my 20s, there had to be a cause I could address. 

I spent months pouring through hundreds of scientific studies and clinical trials, trying to figure out what my doctors might have missed. What I could possibly do to improve my chances.   

My obsession with egg quality started when I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve at just 27.

I discovered a world of scientific research that was not being put into practice.

The research showed that it is possible to improve egg quality and ovarian function, through strategies such as supporting mitochondrial function.   I developed a comprehensive approach based on all the evidence I could find and put it into practice — giving myself three months to see if I really could have an impact.   The turnaround was dramatic, resulting in 20 high quality embryos in my next IVF cycle, and eventually my two baby boys.   

I knew I could help other women with poor egg quality or low ovarian reserve.


"I am incredibly thankful to Rebecca for giving me hope."


"This book opened my eyes and changed my life!"


"I don’t know where I’d be if I never found this book."


From higher numbers of good quality eggs and embryos in IVF to successful pregnancies after years of unexplained infertility or recurrent losses, these stories inspire me to keep following the science and keep sharing what I discover.

Every day I hear from women who have seen a dramatic improvement after following the book...

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- Rebecca